Photo by Salvatore Vuono at freedigitalphotos.comThe Banff Couples Conference is fully organized and sustained by the work of volunteers.  This includes a committee of couples that meet through the year to organize the annual conference and a large group of supporters that pass the word to others who might like to attend the Banff Couples Conference.


Many people who attend the Banff Couples Conference are there because someone they know passed them information about the conference.  The most powerful promotion that can be given to others is a positive message given one-to-one.  We encourage all attendees of the Banff Couples Conference to pass the word to others that also might like to attend.  This might include talking to others about your experience at the conference, forwarding emails about the conference, sending people a link to the website, or giving people postcards that introduce them to the Banff Couples Conference.

If you have ideas on how to promote the Banff Couples Conference, or if you would like postcards to give to others to introduce them to the conference or if you would like other information that you can pass to others to promote the conference, please use the Contact page on this website or send an email to: info@banffcouplesconference.com.


Imagine spending more time with people like you – who value honesty, care and committment in their relationships as much as you do.  Who want to work in an energetic group to create an event that benefits so many couples.  Who work together, supportively and collaboratively.

If this appeals to you, consider volunteering for the Banff Couples Conference Society.  Most couples stay on the committee for 3 years, so there’s always a need for new couples to join the group.  Specific requirements for 2014/2015 will follow shortly.

In the meantime check out the portfolios below.  Each couple takes one or more portfolios and follows a well-defined path to bring the Conference to fruition.

Benefits of volunteering include:
– An opportunity to spend more time with the facilitators
– Developing a skill or attribute that may help in other parts of your life

Mail info@banffcouplesconference.com for more info.


Facilitators – Current
Facilitators – Future (plus Archives)
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