Banff Couples Conference

March 4 - 6, 2016

Top Reasons to go to the Banff Couples Conference

 Top Reasons to go to the Banff Couples Conference

(From a few people, and in no particular order.)  

We learn about new tools to get more out of our relationship.

I get to share intimate and sometimes difficult feelings with my partner, in an atmosphere that encourages no blame.

The Banff Couples Conference is all about not blaming our partner, but about finding  tools to improve and strengthen our relationship.

The seminar is only $275 per couple and the rest is for an amazing weekend away in Lake Louise. (A quick search on Google showed me nothing close to this cost.  Everything I found for a weekend workshop was $750 and more).

Our friends are envious of our relationship and wish that they could come too.  (Sometimes we wonder why they don’t.  We’d like them to!).

It’s a safe place to be vulnerable.

We feel like we are alone in a private space yet we are in a room of up to 90 other loving couples.

This is an amazing group of people that love to socialize and connect with others, and who put a similar value on a great relationship as we do.

We are not like other people in many ways, but we do have similar dreams and hopes for our partnership.

The Banff Couples Conference weekend is about connecting deeply with your loved one.

Sessions are facilitated by professional, skillful relationship facilitators.

Exercises are done within the couple, so we don’t feel like our ‘stuff’ is being exposed.  Privacy is strictly respected.

The food is awesome!

There’s casual social time on the Friday night, so you can start making new friends right away.

The social mixer and dinner and dance on Saturday night are great fun. 

There’s a beautiful ambiance.

We’ve met new friends and really interesting people who we’ve stayed in touch with.

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