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Nadine and Peter

Heather and Dennis

Elsie and Vic

Comments from 2015 conference:

  • There are lots of tools to draw on. Feel more connected and capable to grow our love and connection. Great material and helpful.
  • Fantastic weekend for my wife and I. Strong sense of reconnection.
  • Always a wonderful experience and we always come away with tools and reconnect with each other and meet wonderful new people.
  • Great value, relaxing, useful and practical tips to help connect as a couple.
  • Always learn a new tool or idea to build our relationship. Beautiful location.
  • One of the most important weekends of the year for my wife and I.
  • My honey was happy!!
  • An annual reminder of new ways to enrich the relationship; I observed many couples who have been here for about 20 years and still have a loving, adoring relationship. That is a great model and vision to aspire to.
  • Opportunity to check-in with each other which seldom happens at home.
  • Because relationships are hard work and this really helps.
  • Great value, it’s like being remarried.
  • By committing to come, it creates time and space to be intentional about our relationship.
  • Great weekend which promotes positive couple relationships – great people attending.
  • Good offering for couples at multiple stages of their relationships
  • It has sustained our marriage.
  • A great conference overall. We enjoyed ourselves, learned a lot and met some great people.


2015 Conference Rated Excellent or Good by Attendees


Conference Content91%
Lake Louise Location98%
Would Recommend87%
Dinner and Dance94%
Overall Conference95%

Here’s what past attendees have said:

  • Helps us grow as individuals and as a couple & to deal with life’s challenges
  • Great material and so good to meet others committed to strong relationships
  • Always helps us be more connected
  • Great value, great conference, great setting
  • Need this, want this, love this.  Love the feeling of community
  • This is a special community that we wish to remain part of
  • Wonderfully enriching weekend in beautiful inspiring setting
  • Recharge and reconnect in our relationship
  • We always learn/affirm important aspects to nurture our relationship
  • Helps deal with issues & great understanding of each other. We do need this togetherness time.  Thank you
  • Refresher!  We need these times of deep connections.  Thank you!
  • Love the reconnecting with my spouse
  • All couples need to continually attend and work on their relationship
  • It is such a beautiful and special event to honour couples.  We want to share it with others.
  • Excellent quality and benefits to healthy growth & development as a couple
  • Contributes to positive growth in a relationship in a very romantic setting
  • Every year we learn something new or may new things
  • Wonderful community
  • It’s like a good oil change
  • We cherish the time – it helps support our journey
  • Even if we only walk away with one thing, the conference is worth the time and money
  • Valuable time and energy spent to renew our relationship
  • great for building stronger connection between us
  • We got several good ideas of how to build or strengthen our relationship
  • Important to make time for us with new tools and practices for rest of year
  • It is a precious weekend to continue to deepen and follow up on our relationship
  • It was such a treat to have carved out time to be alone together, we learned so much and met wonderful people
  • Great opportunity to focus on our relationship for a dedicated weekend
  • It gives us an opportunity to re-bond and provides us with quality time together – opportunity for growth
  • We love it – keeps our relationship alive and vibrant
  • We grow and benefit as a couple from each Banff Couples Conference
  • Huge learnings as a couple; great learning for us to improve our relationship
  • Wonderful opportunity to learn new approaches and strategies to understand our relationship and deepen it; reminder of previous learnings; amazing opportunity to reconnect and revisit the importance of us
  • Excellent chance for couples growth
  • Valuable means of connection, intimacy and communication.  Made great break throughs!!  Thank you!
  • Was a very moving experience
  • We take away so much and are taught to give more of ourselves
  • It changed our lives
  • Words cannot express how beneficial this weekend is

Here’s what past facilitators have said about the attendees:

Louise Dorfman and David Rubinstein, Couple Enrichment, 2015

We were honoured and delighted to be the Facilitators at the 2015 Banff Couples Conference in Lake Louise. This was a truly rewarding experience for the two of us, and it will be a weekend that we will recall with fond memories for years to come. It was no doubt the highlight of our careers as couples therapists.

Our appreciation goes out to the planning committee who were very supportive over the past year, and over the weekend. We enjoyed preparing for an audience that we knew would be dedicated and devoted to enriching their relationships.

The couples attending were attentive, full of fun, and open to participating in all that we had planned for them. We felt their warmth from the get go. We were particularly impressed with how involved and engaged they were with the material and with each other.

The Conference was so well organized and the surroundings were exquisitely beautiful, which – without a doubt – contributed to the success of the weekend. Hats off to the committee for arranging the delicious lunch buffets, and that “happening” dinner dance on Saturday night!! Wow, this group sure loves to dance!!!

Our warm wishes to you all for your continued success in the years to come!!


Barry and Joyce Vissell, www.SharedHeart.org – 2014 Facilitators

As teachers and counselors specializing in relationships for about 40 years, and together as a couple for 48 years, we are especially grateful when our audience/participants are ready to go deep, and committed not only to their partner but also to doing the work required to have the best relationship possible. So when we first facilitated the Banff Couples Conference, we were delighted with nearly everyone’s readiness. Yes, these couples also come to the retreat to have fun, to dance, and to get away from their daily routines, but they also that the fun will be greater if they deepen their intimacy as couples.

Our work is perhaps 90% experiential, and the couples loved this. They also loved each time the two of us were vulnerable about the issues in our own relationship. This helped everyone relate more with us, rather than see us as teachers somewhere above them.

We would say that many of the Banff Couples have done enough work on themselves that they could probably lead their own couples groups. We’re delighted to work with an advanced couples group, and to be invited back.


Kate & Joel Feldman, www.consciousrelationships.com – 2012 Facilitators

Hello Friends of the Banff Couples Conference,

Kate and Joel here, writing to re-connect with you and encourage you to keep your relationship alive and well always!

We were privileged to facilitate last year’s conference and experienced an amazing love fest with all of you! For us, as presenters, it was a highlight of our thirty year teaching career. For one, we were so touched by your openness, generosity of spirit, and willingness to jump in. You are a unique group of people with so much love to share.

For the entire weekend we felt embraced by the committee members who work so tirelessly to make the conference happen. It was easy to be with all of you, easy to get up and share with you, and easy to laugh, dance, and have fun with you.

As we write this our hearts are full of gratitude for having shared such a special conference venue. Here is a reminder from our time together last year:


(If you don’t get this, ask someone who was there)

Sending good wishes and love for all your relationship endeavors!


Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, Relationship Builders, www.hedyyumi.com – 2010 Facilitators

“As a couple, we thoroughly loved the inspiring adventure of presenting at the Banff Couples Conference.

We landed in a magnificently beautiful space. We were surrounded by an enthusiastic group of excited, inquisitive couples.

The organizers could not be more accommodating and friendly.

The whole event was an unforgettable, stimulating and transformational couples “happening!”


Dr. Richard & Antra Borofsky www.beingtogether.com – 2009 Facilitators
“A couples therapist vision of heaven–about 100 couples eagerly open to learning everything we had to teach about the art and craft of loving in a setting that is so awe-inspiring, we could not help but kneel in reverence.   Facilitating the Banff Couples Conference was for us one of the all time peak experiences of our long career.”