Darren and LaVerna Wilk

Darren and LaVerna Wilk


Making Love Last a Lifetime

Darren (MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor RCC, CGT, Master Gottman Trainer) and LaVerna Wilk (Masters in counselling, RCC, CGT, )

The theme of our workshop is Making Love Last a Lifetime. What are happy couples doing to stay in love and what is causing so many couples to divorce that seem to have started so well? Most couples do not know what is damaging their relationship until it is too late. Based on 40 years of research by the world-renowned Drs. John and Julie Gottman, we can predict with 95% accuracy which couples are eventually going to divorce. We can also predict what are the right habits that keep couples in love and stable. This weekend we are going to let you in on the subtle relationship killers and the easy small things that make you feel like best friends who also are in love. You will learn about love maps, how to grow closer through conflict, the Four Horsemen, work through old wounds, repair a fight before it gets hurtful and create rituals of connection you can count on. The tools we teach in our practice we use at home because they are based on research with real couples that are stable and have figured out how to make love last a lifetime.

Who are Darren and LaVerna Wilk?

Since meeting in college in 1984 Darren and LaVerna have been best friends ever since. During their 30-year marriage, they have been professionally nurturing relationships together, by working with teenagers, fostering families, raising five daughters and as Couples and Trauma Therapists. Since 2000 they have run a thriving counselling centre called Bestmarriages.ca, in Langley BC. based on the world-renowned research of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. Darren and LaVerna, come highly endorsed by the Gottman’s and have presented over 60 Gottman Art and Science of Love couples weekend workshops throughout Western Canada. Darren has also developed and led over 40 workshops training professional therapists in the Gottman Method. They bring passion, vulnerability and humour to all of their presentations and believe their secret is to keep having fun adventures together, including off-road 4×4 wheeling, travelling and recently learning to ride motorcycles together.