Banff Couples Conference

March 4 - 6, 2016

Reasons NOT to Attend

 Top 10 Reasons to NOT Attend the Banff Couples Conference

(Tongue in cheek!)
  1. Your relationship is so exciting you don’t have time to stop the adventure.

  2. You know more than anyone else about how relationships work and you have nothing left to learn.

  3. Your sex life is so fantastic that you don’t need a better relationship.

  4. Your partner adores you all the time and you completely adore them.

  5. You never blame and criticize each other.

  6. You’ve taken complete responsibility for everything that happens in your life so you never hold your partner responsible for what happens to you.

  7. You’ve never been jealous regarding your partner.

  8. You’ve come to realize that your relationship is your greatest learning environment and you’ve become completely aware of who you are.

  9. You are completely present in every moment.

  10. You’ve decided you never want sex ever again with anyone – ever.


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