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Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name:  Treasurer

Role: The Treasurer Portfolio oversees all matters pertaining to the financial responsibilities for the Banff Couples Conference.

Specific responsibilities are:

  • Evaluate the insurance coverage and policy
  • Receive bills pertaining to monthly expenses and the annual conference expenses
  • Process payments for all monthly and annual bills
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial statements for a March 31 year end
  • Prepare annual corporate tax returns.
  • Finance supply’s insurance certificate directly to hotel


  • One of the key benefits is that you can use your Accounting knowledge to benefit a volunteer based project or you can extend your knowledge to a new area of Accounting with a relatively easy set of financial statements.
  • You have the privilege of working as a couple with other Committee couples that are dedicated to the continuance of the Banff Couples Conference.
  • As a member of the Banff Couples Conference committee you have the chance of getting to know the facilitators on a more personal basis at the conference.