Portfolios Secretary

Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name:   Secretary

Role:  The role of the secretary couple is to provide secretarial support to the committee.  Activities include:

  • Maintains the legal address of the Banff Couples Conference Society
  • Files the Society’s Annual Corporate Return
  • Compiles and reports results of the conference feedback summary
  • Edits and prepares annual conference evaluation forms for distribution at conference
  • Take minutes at each meeting and distribute afterwards, together with an action list for easy reference
  • Take and distribute minutes for the Annual General Meeting
  • Ensure that all meeting dates are clearly communicated
  • Keep any official records on file in the Minute Book
  • Maintain address and contact lists for the committee
  • Communicates with a secretary designate in the alternate city to ensure proper minute taking and communication during teleconference meetings.
  • Print handouts for conference folders

Comments:   One of the key benefits of being the secretary couple is the opportunity to learn about minute-taking for a non-profit organization.  Plenty of guidance is provided from the previous minutes. 

The secretary role is particularly beneficial in that it involves regular contact with all of the committee members, leading to lasting friendships.