Portfolios Publicity

Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name:   Publicity

Role: The Publicity portfolio couple oversees the promotion and advertising of the conference to prospective couples. 

Specific areas of responsibility include:

  • Developing a draft promotions plan for presentation to the committee for approval
  • Updating the brochure to be sent to past participants and distributed to prospective couples through various outlets
  • Having the brochure printed and folded, printing mail list labels for envelopes
  • Overseeing the distribution of the brochures by committee members and other volunteer couples
  • Sending registration reminders via email to mail list and any bulk email announcements
  • Responding to email requests for info
  • Maintaining database of past participants
  • Creating, printing and distributing any other promotions materials such as posters
  • Working with the conference web master to ensure the web page is updated
  • Printing labels for Brochure
  • Creation of name tags for all registrants before the conference.
  • Envelopes printing for conference
  • Contacting local media to get articles or interviews presented
  • Creating and submitting advertisements in local papers or magazines
  • Defining and sourcing Audio Visual requirements
  • Responsible acquires Sharp’s donations and makes gift basket, and arranges signing for thank you card
  • Manage the AV component; liaison with AV provider, liaison with Current Facilitator portfolio to ensure that AV provider has been provided with facilitators AV specific needs
  • On site support for AV setup, etc.

The publicity portfolio requires more time at the beginning and midway points of the planning year.  In the months closer to the conference there is usually little to do except keep the web page updated.

There is a large amount of information available from past conferences regarding what was done previously.  This information is very helpful to provide guidance.

Some creativity and the ability to talk to new people are an asset.