Portfolios Housing

Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name:  Housing

Role: The Housing Portfolio couple liaises with the hotel to ensure that all facility requirements for the Banff Couples Conference (BCC) are met.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Booking of future conference dates at the hotel.
  • Contract negotiations and approvals. Work with Finance to ensure cheques and/or deposit deadlines have been met. Finance Portfolio is responsible for writing and sending cheques.
  • Ensuring that both the hotel and the BCC meet all contract requirements.
  • Reconcile hotel reservations with the Registration Portfolio
  • Monitor the registrations and compare with attrition rates and room block requirements.
  • Supply housing information to Publicity portfolio for web updates. 
  • Make initial reservations for committee.  Any reservation changes are made by the committee member and housing is advised of the change only.
  • Make initial reservations for facilitators.
  • Plans all meals, including committee’s lunches and delegates dietary needs; chooses menus with committee, and then ensures all requests are communicated to the hotel.
  • Reviewing event orders to ensure that all facility requirements are met for the conference.
  • On site contact during the conference for all housing related matters.
  • Liaising with the hotel representative throughout the year on all relevant matters.
  • Arranges for gift certificate from Hotel for early registration prize.
  • Delegate’s room upgrades to committee members and facilitators.
  • Housing arranges glassware, etc. for champagne reception in chair’s suite
  • Housing needs signage requirements from other committees to convey to hotel in advance.

The Housing Portfolio requires a lot of organization and a great commitment of time, as well as the timely completion of tasks.  The housing portfolio works with EVERY portfolio, so must be available for frequent questions and needs. The majority of the work is completed from approximately September to February with a portion of the work completed during the conference itself.

The previous Housing Portfolio couple can provide information and guidance on the completion of the tasks.  Additionally, a role document will provide necessary information.

The Housing Portfolio couple acts as the primary link to the hotel for the BCC.