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Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name: Future Facilitator Liaison

Role:  The Facilitator Liaison Future Portfolio couple is responsible for procuring the couple facilitator for the conference and all communication with them.  They are also responsible for taking, gathering & filing photos and important information from the present year’s conference.


  • working with the committee to identify potential facilitator couples
  • research potential couples for suitability for the Banff Couples Conference
  • present research information to the committee
  • all communication with potential facilitator couples
  • interview prospective facilitator couples
  • discuss conference remuneration, contract and conference information (see attachments)
  • procuring prospectus from facilitator couple along with a photo

Notes:  This portfolio is most busy early in the year (to line up the next year’s facilitators) and during the conference taking pictures.  Facilitator couple for the next year’s conference must be in place before the current year’s conference so as to inform attendees of the next year’s presenters.

Archive Duties:

  • Taking committee photos for the committee contact list
  • Taking photos throughout the conference weekend  (now digital to make exchange easier over internet)
  • Developing appropriate photos to show pictures of the present committee and highlights of the conference
  • Gathering photos from other participants who would like to add to the archives
  • Filing any photo CD copies for future use should the archives wish to expand their record for a celebration year such as the 40th anniversary
  • Displaying the Archives at the registration table at each annual conference in order to acknowledge all of the volunteers who have been on the committee over the years
  • Reorganizing material when required
  • Keeping any visual item that is a truly unique memory to this year’s conference