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Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name: Current Facilitator Liasion

Role:  The Facilitator Liaison Current Portfolio couple is responsible for all communication with the current facilitator couple and seeing to their needs relating to both before and during the conference.   They are also responsible for updating the Archives & Past Facilitators Binders for the past year’s conference.

Facilitator Liaison Duties:

  • all communication with confirmed facilitator couples
  • procuring prospectus from facilitator couple along with a photo
  • greeting facilitator couple at the airport upon their arrival in Calgary and confirm transportation to the conference venue
  • attend to the needs of the facilitator couple throughout the conference
  • introduce facilitator couple at the conference
  • purchase thank you gift and present it at the end of the conference
  • get a list of books, CDs, etc. That the facilitator couple would like to have available at the book store
  • supply initial reservation details to housing.  Housing will book facilitators at the hotel based on this information.  Should the facilitators wish to change their reservations, then they should coordinate changes with the hotel and cc housing only.
  • handles requesting audio visual needs in advance and conveying same to Publicity portfolio; and ensuring needs are in line with BCC`s budget
  • handles all the facilitator’s needs at the hotel, including: audio visual needs (with Publicity portfolio), communicating setup requests to hotel or housing, onsite contact for setup Friday afternoon and ensuring same setup Sat and Sunday mornings, reconcile facilitator’s invoice for bill payment; ensures not overspent at hotel.
  • determine AV needs of the facilitator couple and coordinate with Sharps and the Social Portfolio couple
  • On Site Support for Facilitations including troubleshooting set-up, daily support.
  • On Site Support for Book Store including troubleshooting set-up, daily support.
  • Reserves rooms’ bookstore employees and is noted on master spreadsheet as done.
  • confirm accommodation and food needs of the facilitator couple and coordinate with the Housing Portfolio couple
  • procure from facilitator couple copies of hand-outs needed for the conference and coordinate with the appropriate portfolio couple for printing
  • coordinate book store availability and set-up

Notes:  This portfolio is most busy just prior to and during the conference. May need to be available to drive facilitator couple to and from conference venue from the airport, depending on the needs of the facilitator couple.

Archive Duties:
Update archives binder including:
a) Updating general information

  • Past facilitators/themes list
  • List of each year’s committee members
  • List of past hotel costs per couple

b) Adding new section for last conference to include:

  • Brochure
  • Pictures of committee & facilitators
  • Summary of conference feedback
  • Any advertisement copies or articles printed about the conference from Publicity portfolio
  • Misc pictures (with agreement to display from people shown in pictures)

c) Updating information binder on past facilitators