Portfolios Communications

Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name:  Communications

Role:  The Communications Portfolio couple manages the BCC website, electronic communication and ensures that all members have access to Dropbox for document sharing. 


  • After the AGM, updates the users with BCC site access; removes outgoing committee members from Dropbox
  • Sends Dropbox BCC site invitation and explanations to new members. Ensures registration and log-on process to Dropbox is completed by all members
  • Set document naming conventions and number of versions within each portfolio that are managed on the site. Change or re-name documents according to standards.
  • Clean-up document versions to ensure that documents on the site do not become too cluttered.
  • Backs up the site documents at the end of every conference year and prepares CD of back-up for document archive (permanent storage)
  • Arranges for conference call communications. Eg: conference phones and web cam at each location for monthly meetings
  • Sending any bulk email announcements
  • Coordinating and sending newsletters
  • Maintaining database of past participants
  • Working with the conference web master to ensure the BCC web page is updated properly
  • Maintain accurate and consistent information on the BCC webpage
  • Responding to or delegating email requests for information
  • Defining and sourcing Audio Visual requirements
  • Manage the AV component; liaison with AV provider, liaison with Current Facilitator portfolio to ensure that AV provider has been provided with facilitators AV specific needs
  • On-site support for AV setup, etc.
  • Liaison with Social Media
  • Coordinate and send out newsletter


Comments:  This is a large portfolio and requires continuity of knowledge from one conference year to the next; could be a two year commitment ensure knowledge transfer.  Manages all committee documentation and BCC presence on the www; reviews all communication BCC presents the general public. A high level of computer skills and document management skills are desirable assets.