Portfolio Chair Couple

Banff Couples Conference Committee Portfolio Description

Portfolio Name:  Chair Couple

Role: The Chair Couple provides overall leadership of the Banff Couples Conference Volunteer Committee.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Preparing committee meeting agendas
  • Chairing committee meetings
  • Providing guidance and support to other committee members
  • Liaison with facilitators
  • Coordinating selection of facilitators for future conferences
  • Preparing the agenda for and other documents used at the conference
  • Chairing the conference itself

Comments: The Chair Couple is appointed by the Committee following the conference each year. The Chair Couple is normally beginning its third year as a member of the Committee. While the position provides overall leadership to the Committee, the Chair Couple benefits from the support of other Committee members and is able to call on advice and assistance from the previous Chair Couple if necessary. The Chair Couple also receives guidance from role documents and activity schedules that have been prepared by previous Chair Couples.

One of the key benefits of the Chair Couple position is the opportunity to work together as a couple and with other Committee Members for the continuing success of the Conference. A great deal of satisfaction is derived by making this contribution to the community.

The Chair Couple also has the opportunity to work directly and build lasting friendships with facilitating couples. These one-on-one relationships enable growth of the Chair Couple’s personal relationship on a year-long basis while serving on the Committee.