Banff Couples Conference

March 4 - 6, 2016
Carista Luminare & Lion Goodman

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Join us at the 2016 Banff Couples Conference

March 4th – 6th, 2016

The Building Blocks of Love:

How to Create an Extraordinary Partnership

Most of us are somewhat confused about love.  Yet we all yearn for love, and we all need love.

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Carista Luminare, Ph.D. and Lion Goodman Our Conference facilitators.  Founders of Confused About Love?

Our confusion about what love is leads to irrational behavior, uncomfortable feelings, and reactivity in our relationships. It can impact our ability to make or keep our commitments. Unresolved conflicts can result in anxiety or withdrawal, even abandonment and betrayal.  Our confusion about love creates unhappiness in individuals, couples, and families.

We all yearn for something very particular, which is often missing in our relationships. All humans want and need this simple feeling from the time we’re born. It’s knowing, and feeling, that we are loved – deeply and dependably. Even men (and women) who withdraw are actually seeking that sense of security and safety.

There is a roadmap that can lead you directly to the kind of love you seek.  It comes from understanding your childhood patterns, and using a set of practical tools that creates more positive connection in every interaction. It builds happy, long-term, passionate love, one step at a time.

At the 2016 Banff Couples Conference, we will be guiding your journey to:

  • Deepen your understanding of your own, and your partner’s, love style
  • Understand the brain science of secure love so you can flourish in the green zone
  • Learn the 3 Non-Verbal Love Languages to interrupt reactive patterns
  • Recognize anxiety and withdrawal patterns that can hijack romance and sensuality
  • Understand ManPatterns  – what men need, how they’re different, and how to dance with them
  • Mastering the Care and Repair Process – because we all mess up from time to time
  • Create your Love and Trust Agreement to deepen your intimacy and make it last

Carista Luminare, Ph.D. and Lion Goodman each have more than thirty years experience as coaches and counselors to individuals, couples, and families. Their powerful, life-changing programs turn insecurities and challenges into secure and passionate love. Their extensive research on the neuroscience of attachment enables them to transform early childhood bonding styles into healthy adult relationship dynamics.

Their combined backgrounds form a unique approach to couples therapy. They offer custom-designed couples retreats throughout the world, as well as support through phone and Skype.  They are both published authors, and their articles on relationship issues have been featured on numerous blog sites, including and They also work with business leaders and organizations through their consulting firm, Luminary Leadership Institute.  Information about their programs and services can be found at

Join us at the 2016 Banff Couples Conference to see Carista and Lion in person as they share openly about their own past and present relationship challenges, and how to use their teachings to heal each other and create extraordinary love.

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